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The 4 Essentials

Almost every juice I make has one of these four ingredients. And more often than not, it has all of them. Just like you build a good soup by starting with a great stock – together these build my most … Continue reading

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Juicing: Where do I start?

 1. Buy a centrifugal juicer. There are multiple types of juicers and all have their benefits and drawbacks. I must warn you, if you google “what kind of juicer should I buy” the result will be confusion and intimidation. To … Continue reading

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A new type of junky.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Hi, I’m Abbie and I’m a caffeine junky. Soda has never been my drink of choice, but I could down an iced coffee faster than you can say “onomatopoeia” and my thirst … Continue reading

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Week 1

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Paleo, nice to meat you.

Last night my dad grilled the most perfect medium rare rib eye. The steak, a product of a cow who lived a sustainable grass fed life,  was delicious, juicy and the best evening treat. I looked down at my last … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a band, Days Away. Nobody understood them. Days Away was more talented than attractive, and more awkward than relatable. The place they called home was quickly filling with new tenants and did what it could … Continue reading

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I miss you, China.

Yesterday, I was walking around Walmart and nearly had an anxiety attack. Aisles upon aisles of things people don’t need. Packed with stuff people call on for comfort or convenience, all in a confusing playground of fluorescent light and a mirage of American … Continue reading

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A fast 5 months

Yes, criticize as you must, I’ve done a poor job updating you on all the happenings of my life, but I used spare minutes to toss together a 150 page photo journal on blurb that appropriately documents my time in … Continue reading

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Xi’an and the Reverse Culture Shock Experience

The first week of October is the Chinese National Holiday. It’s an actual holiday, where the country shuts down and parties. Workers are given 7 straight days off and it seems that all of China heads somewhere else within the … Continue reading

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Taxi Cab Confessions and CNG

C and I have been teaching English to local taxi drivers. An average lesson goes like this: Taxi Driver: (Pulls Up) Abbie:  Nǐ Hăo. Taxi Driver: (Pulls Away) Abbie: (screaming at the cab) **** *** *******! Yes, rather than seeing … Continue reading

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