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I have not met the Chinese trash man yet. I am not sure if he really exists, or if he has an awesome garbage truck, or a day that he is supposed to come. All I know is – trash … Continue reading

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Cockroaches in the Kitchen

At night, when the weather cools and it’s just dark enough out that you can’t see the cockroaches crawling around – the grills are fired up and the fridges are stocked with skewers of vegetables, meat, and indistiguishable food products. … Continue reading

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The Chinese Buffet in China experience.

The international program coordinators at SWUPL organized a lunch for all the international students and teachers. We were ushered onto a bus and then off across the city. We had no idea what we would be eating, or where – … Continue reading

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Honey, I’m home.

I have been on a pretty standard sleep schedule, waking between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. This morning I woke up like usual, in a pool of my own sweat, cursing the 105 degree weather and swimming through the Chongqing humidity.  … Continue reading

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You don’t have to put a man on the moon to put women on TV.

I generally don’t like watching TV (I don’t even own one), but when it’s 105 degrees out, you are in the middle of China and you have nothing to do – you find yourself laying on the sofa sweating it … Continue reading

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Day 1 in the Pink Penthouse, AKA The hostage crisis

Day one in the apartment was lazy. I woke early, C slept late. I hemmed and hawed with nothing to do in an internet-less world, compiling blog posts to upload at a later date and listening to Mandarin CDs I … Continue reading

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CQ and the Apartment

Arriving in Chongqing we were ushered to a guest hotel. I’m unsure what “guest hotel” actually means, but it was very nice (if you could ignore the condoms next to the bed and prostitutes roaming the hallways). After a nice … Continue reading

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The Shiz and the Homestay

Shizajuang (‘the Shiz’ for short) quickly transformed from hell to the high life after spending the night with my host family. I was nervous for the homestay – add to it my inability to utter much of anything in Mandarin … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

Lots of updates to come…. stay tuned. Finding good internet is hard, but I now have it in my apartment. Wooohooo.

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Beijing to Shijiazuang

Beijing was beautiful, hipster, and oh so relaxing. Spent the last day in town hitting up tourist attractions and eating copious amounts of dumplings. Mid-afternoon it was off to the airport to meet up with 23 Drake graduates, all in … Continue reading

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