I have not met the Chinese trash man yet. I am not sure if he really exists, or if he has an awesome garbage truck, or a day that he is supposed to come. All I know is – trash magically disappears in this country. Piles start in random places, for no apparent reason. Even on the street, at all times of the day, you see piles of trash that magically appear and disappear.

To test our hypothesis that the trash businesses in China is some sort of magic, C and I added to a random pile of garbage in the hallway of our apartment at 6:30 pm.

Now you see it.

And upon return to the Rainbow Palace at 9 pm ….

Now you don't.


I don’t know a trash guy in the US who works on evenings, much less weekends – but in China – it’s like he’s always on call. The real question is after this magic disappearance act – where does all the garbage go? I shudder at what a land fill in China would look like.

One thing the landfill would be free of is diapers.  Most of the kids walk around bare bottome, with carefully crafted outfits that have holes between the legs so children can do their #1/#2 anywhere they please. I’ve seen many a granny holding onto a baby assisting them in squatting in trees and bushes. Perhaps the liberal no diaper policy explains why most the sidewalks in China are tiled.




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