I miss you, China.

Yesterday, I was walking around Walmart and nearly had an anxiety attack. Aisles upon aisles of things people don’t need. Packed with stuff people call on for comfort or convenience, all in a confusing playground of fluorescent light and a mirage of American marketing. The grocery aisles – a black hole of confusion with prepackaged goods boasting ingredient lists just as foreign as the Chinese characters I found myself so confused staring at. When I drove home, I counted passing 7 fast food restaurants and at least a dozen other chain restaurants. The only people I saw out walking had dogs in tow. When I caught the eye of people driving in the cars next to me, they quickly looked away.

America seems foreign country to my heart. So sterile, uncomfortable, and joyless. I miss small stores with the necessities and grocery aisles of little. I miss the sounds of the streets and wandering around the neighborhood. I miss the aromas of mom and pop cooking in their restaurant kitchens, serving up fresh affordable meals.  I miss walking everywhere, dodging fresh poop and weaving in and out of Chinese girls walking arm-in-arm. I miss the broken English of “welcome to take my taxi” and watching the city pass by as cab drivers navigated in and out of near disasters to deliver me at a destination. I miss having little to communicate but always feeling so satisfied.

A place I miss the most that served up warm steaming soups and dumplings, just off a noisy street. Quiet but bustling.

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  1. Suodi says:

    lol, the taxi thing is so real. I’m so glad you like our food and people.
    I really like your writing style. Actually it makes me recall the happy times in China as well.
    The picture of the restaurant looks very like the one outside Southwest. Is it?

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