A fast 5 months

Yes, criticize as you must, I’ve done a poor job updating you on all the happenings of my life, but I used spare minutes to toss together a 150 page photo journal on blurb that appropriately documents my time in China – complete with writings on juicy topics like “5 things squat toilets teach you” and “the 10 different Chinese words for what white people just call dumplings”.

Today I found myself awake at 6am, thank you barking dogs. I was happy with the early rise, enjoying a bit of AM meditation and yoga all from the “comfort” of my mattress. Tomorrow my 48 hours of travel back to the US begins and I know that my body will miss the hard mattress, wake up calls from barking rooftop dogs, and a morning hop across cold tile floors to squat while half awake.

I already miss so much about China but am excited for all sorts of American luxuries:  smog free sunshine, drinkable tap water, chocolate chip cookies, internet with download speeds greater than 1 MBPS, and cheese.

See you in 60 odd hours, Des Moines.



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