Once upon a time there was a band, Days Away. Nobody understood them. Days Away was more talented than attractive, and more awkward than relatable. The place they called home was quickly filling with new tenants and did what it could to keep up appearances and ensure a good resale value.

When their lease expired, Days Away was forced to wander homeless. After travelling many months in a musical dessert, they stumbled into a place called Sarget House. Suddenly, Days Away was making noise again and I took notice. Where was this Sargent House and was it just another lousy landlord looking to collect rents? I took to the interwebs to investigate.

What I discovered was that Days Away had found so much more than a house. It was a family. A happy, healthy family. One that birthed beautiful music and expression. At Sargent House you could be ugly, awkward, creative and still respected. The means weren’t just to an end but the means were what meant.

Fast forward, six years later, and I find myself mourning the death of Days Away – but so happy to have held their family close. Lucky to cheer on victories and share their stories. Offering up sofas, dollars when I have them, hugs, baked goods, and just about anything else the family asks for.

***This post was originally posted over in the Sargent House forums as an answer to “How did you first hear about Sargent House?”. Since I got a bit long winded, I figured I should memorex my love for my Sargent House family on my own home. 


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