Paleo, nice to meat you.

Last night my dad grilled the most perfect medium rare rib eye. The steak, a product of a cow who lived a sustainable grass fed life,  was delicious, juicy and the best evening treat. I looked down at my last bite of steak – thinking about how long it took me to get to the point of embracing beef.

It’s not my fault, however. For most of my life, 15 years at least, my parents were vegetarian. While I wasn’t vegetarian myself, the only time I ate meat was when eating out or at a friend’s house. At age 16 I was nearly ruined of meat forever. While staying with my grandmother, she slapped two pork chops in a pan and fried them up for 2 hours and called it dinner. I was forced to choke down the dry grey meat and remember that I was just sure it was exactly what twine tasted like.

Fast forward to college, where I did my own experiments with being vegetarian and eventually vegan. Both, horrible failures all resulting in general malaise, injuries and serious anemia.

Now, after having dined in China, chowing on the parts of animal you never imagine seeing, much less eating –  I am happy to call myself a meat eater.  In fact, I want to embrace this lifestyle and begin a new phase in my life of chowing.

Yes, I’m starting a Paleo journey. You’ve probably read about it, if not use “the google” or accept my simple explanation:

 What is this paleo? Think caveman. Hunt/gather …. no time for all that cultivation and processing. High in meat, eggs and fish… plus vegetables, fruits and nuts for good measure. And those foods that come packaged… you don’t buy ‘em.  As for dairy… well unless it’s raw skip it.

Ready set, here we go. In theory, this shouldn’t be too hard, although – I’m still trying to figure what the paleolithic human did when he craved chocolate chip cookies. Discuss?

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