The 4 Essentials

Almost every juice I make has one of these four ingredients. And more often than not, it has all of them. Just like you build a good soup by starting with a great stock – together these build my most basic juicing “broth”. It has a mild flavor and hefty volume that mellows more flavorful fruits and veggies.

1. Lemon. Beyond adding a bright flavor to any juice, it’s packed full of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Keeps you regular, detoxifies the liver, clears up your skin, and alkalinizes the body. Buy organic and you can juice them whole, but peel them if you buy conventional.

2. Ginger. Spice up your juice with a thumb of ginger. Start small and go big – it can pack quite a punch. It’s a great source of potassium with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, and is known to offer immune support and improve digestion. (Get sick in China and everyone will tell you to eat more ginger!) Per usual, take a peeler to it if it’s nor organic.

3. Celery. It’s mostly water so it generates a healthy volume of juice with each rib. Unfortunately – I’d suggest only juicing organic celery because conventionally grown is one of the “dirty dozen” and is known to have high amounts of chemical and pesticide exposure.   It’s a natural source of sodium and adds a neutral earthy flavor to juice. Stalks are long and lean like our bones, and are good for them because of the silicon and sodium content (silicon is a strengthener in the molecular structure of our bones, which are made up of 23% sodium).

4. Cucumber. So fresh and so clean. Like, celery, cucumber is mostly water and makes a healthy amount of juice. If it’s not organic, give it a peel – to limit your exposure to all those chemicals and petiscides. Cucumber is a natural diuretic so helps you flush out all extra bloat and push out the toxins. Not only are cucumbers relatively mild and flavorless, they’re affordable – especially during farmers market season!

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