CQ and the Apartment

Arriving in Chongqing we were ushered to a guest hotel. I’m unsure what “guest hotel” actually means, but it was very nice (if you could ignore the condoms next to the bed and prostitutes roaming the hallways).

After a nice night’s rest and wallowing in the joy of a fast internet connection, it was off to find an apartment with the assistance of a student, Amanda. After looking at a few places it became clear a one bedroom was not going to do. As it turns out, C and I, having left the Peach Pit are in a new apartment together halfway around the world (a nice comfort, and way to save money and share expenses.)

Sitting in the rental office, you can see the apartment building. It's the tall one on the Left.

The name for this apartment is still in the works but I like to think of it as the Pink and Purple Penthouse, on the top of our building with pink and purple furnishings galore. It’s brand new and comes with all sorts of exciting features like a washing machine with no English instructions, rainbow colored light fixtures (an entire blog post about these soon) and a squat toilet.

Settling in at the apartment has been exciting, only because it has meant I no longer have to lug my life around in suitcases.

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