You don’t have to put a man on the moon to put women on TV.

I generally don’t like watching TV (I don’t even own one), but when it’s 105 degrees out, you are in the middle of China and you have nothing to do – you find yourself laying on the sofa sweating it out in reach of a remote and thirsting for easy entertainment. So far, the TV in the Pink Penthouse has been stuck exclusively on CCTV5, China’s version of ESPN.  Normally you wouldn’t catch me watching sports on tv, but Chinese Soap Operas and television programs are painful to watch (with period specific wardrobes, fake facial hair, bad makeup, questionable “acting”- add in the fact they aren’t in English and my comprehension falls to about two words in every 2000).

Since sports generally transcend language, C and I have watched a healthy amount the last few days. Things were desperate after a few days with nothing to do, when C and I were sweating on the sofa, screaming at the TV as we watched an Olympic Qualifying track meet. We were cheering on different runners in the 10,000M men’s run and bickering over who was going to win. (I was right, FYI – there was no way Ethiopia would let Great Britain win… it’d just be un-African).

Back to the point of this blog – I found CCTV 5 after spotting a volleyball match on television. It get’s better – there was A WOMENS SOCCER MATCH DURING PRIME TIME – ON what is essentially PUBLIC TELEVISION. I thought it was a fluke to see women’s soccer match at all, but it has happened a few times. There have been numerous women’s sporting events breaking up the monotony of professional table tennis. Write CBS/NBC/ABC – hell included ESPN, because really – if China, culture that prefers male babies since they only get one, can put women’s sports on TV, so can we!


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  1. Sue says:

    You’re too funny, Abbie! I’d be going crazy!!!

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